Tuesday, 4 March 2008

04Mar08 - Life Goes On

Our lives have returned to some kind of normality after Lucy's extended holiday in Portugal. We all spent most of the weekend trying to relax and unwind. We were just so relieved to have Lucy back home again because there were times when home seemed so far away.We took Lucy to our local GP for a quick check up on Monday and thankfully she got the all clear for now. I can't help wondering how long it will be until the next time. In her short life Lucy has had more than her fair share of difficult times and she deserves to be given a break. If only I had a magic wand!

It has been lovely seeing Lucy's character and energy returning. She has been so content since coming home, even her happy face is starting to show again. We felt that today she was ready to go back to school and I could tell as I carried her down the corridor that she was glad to be back. Everybody made a big fuss of her but she took it all in her stride, even threatening to go to sleep. There was no chance of that after her teachers got hold of her.Messy play was the first activity of the day and Lucy was straight into it. They use special wedges so that the children can lie on their bellies and get their hands covered in messy stuff or in Lucy's case hands, arms and hair. She will be back in Dad's Salon tonight! Lucy must have enjoyed it because she tolerated lying on her stomach for quite a long time. Normally she really objects. By the time we left both her arms were covered and she had nice pink highlights in her hair. I just love the school, it is such a brilliant place for Lucy to be.It is amazing what a difference a week can make. I like to think, probably wrongly, that with each infection/illness that Lucy has to fight off, she gets a little bit stronger. The truth is not clear but it is certain that in the future there will be many more times when she will need her strength to pull her through. All we can do is learn to make the most of the good times and deal the difficult times when they come along. I am just so glad that for now I have got my little girl back!


Margo said...

I am really, really pleased that you are all home again!
I finally got a long awaited cuddle with Lucy yesterday!! It feels like she has been away for ever and I have missed her so much. I even got a little smile from her!!! Its moments like those that make life so wonderful.
Loadsa Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Looks like Lucy was really pleased to be back at school! The pink gunge looked like lots of fun, wish I could've joined in too!
Really glad she's home and well, Joshua looks well too, give him and Lucy a big kiss from me - (not really trying to embarrass him...!)
lots of love to you all
cousin Emma xXx

Anonymous said...

So glad you're all home and happy again. Lucy is looking really well despite a long stay in hospital.

the VHs

Anonymous said...

Home sweet home.
All the best to u all and hope your routine returns to normality.

Lots of Love
UJ and Suziexxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Looby Loo back on the mend after spending all that time in Potimáo Hospital. Grandma has also recovered from sleeping overnight in the recliner chair at the hospital.Joshua was so good whilst here having to put up with his granddad teasing him, so hopefully when he comes over later this month he will have a better holiday. Also it will be a lot warmer.
Lots of love to all.
Gran & Granddad Haigh xxxx