Tuesday, 15 April 2008

15Apr08 - Accessorizing

Back in January I had the uncomfortable task of choosing the design for Lucy's new splints ("Stepping In" Blog). The new splints have arrived and the verdict is yours.

These were the old ones.These are the new onesDid I make the right decision? Let me know by registering your vote in the poll on the right.

We also have just received Lucy's new covers for her Squiggle chair. It has transformed the chair into a vision in green.It is nice for the chair to be looking clean and new again because the pink covers have started to look a bit over used. To say that the chair is used for absolutely everything it has actually worn quite well. I think Lucy will like the change in covers, all girls need to accessorize! Changing the covers is a bit of a challenge but between us, Dawn and I eventually managed it. Today was the first day for Lucy to show off the new covers at school. I imagined her sitting in the car in excited anticipation of all her school friends seeing her with her shiny new green seat covers.I suppose we shouldn't encourage Lucy to show off but she was full of herself this morning.On the way to Lucy's classroom yesterday we stopped to chat with Sammi. Sammi is the the schools Family Liaison Officer as well as having a reputation of being an excellent cook.She always keeps me updated with photos from the school but has also just sent me a whole lot of her own curry recipes. I am thinking of trying them on Lucy as well. Helen (Mary Poppins) suggested that giving Lucy food with stronger/more spicy flavours may be more stimulating and help with her chewing and swallowing. Anything is worth a try plus it gives me an excuse to make Indian food more often.

After a long morning at school and a wheelchair assessment this afternoon Lucy was ready for a nap.She lay for a while smiling at herself in the mirror before finally dropping off to sleep. She had forty winks before it was time for bath, supper and bedtime. Joshua wanted to take Lucy up to bed and insisted on carrying her all the way upstairs.She is really getting a little heavy for him now but he is so careful with her and it is just lovely to see them together.Joshua tucked Lucy in and made sure she had her favourite cuddly toys within reach before giving her a cuddle and kissing her goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

Am loving the green chair covers, and the new splints, although they wont match now... (lol) Sorry to hear about your SA trauma, still a good excuse to shop I guess? Joshua's new hair do looks pretty cool too. Sending lots of love, hopefully see you soonish, summer maybe!?
Big cuddles to you all