Saturday, 6 September 2008

06Sep08 - Back to Blog

It has been over a month since I last sat down and put my ramblings on Lucy's blog. I guess I was in need of a blog holiday. I have spent quite a bit of time working away over the last six weeks which has not been the best timing especially with school holidays and finishing off Lucy's new room. However in between working, Lucy's room was eventually decorated and furnished. There are still a few finishing touches left to do but Lucy has now moved in and is getting used to her new surroundings. She is also having to get used to the shower instead of a bath. I think she actually quite likes it. The shower tray has not been fitted yet so she is sitting on a Rifton bath seat on the floor in the shower room while she gets showered. It is certainly easier than lifting her in and out of the bath and washing her hair is a doddle. The end result of the adaption work is very good. Most of my worries proved to unfounded and now that I can see it finished I can appreciate how much we needed it. It is just one of the many things that you have to accept when you have a disabled child. The house without the adaptions just was not adequate to accomodate Lucy. The changes are also not too obtrusive and it does not feel like we have installed a hospital ward in the house. The room just feels like any other bedroom and Lucy will be very happy there. The next thing to think about will be the sensory equipment but the hard work is done.

During the school holidays Lucy's school ran several playdays. Lucy was fortunate to be able to go on most of them.The organisers had really gone to town arranging different activities each time. They had also arranged lots of young volunteer helpers so Lucy had plenty of attention which of course she loves. Lucy was in her element in the rebound therapy room.In fact she had so much fun she fell asleep.On one of the days Josh stayed with Lucy and was able to join in with his sister. He just loves being involved and had a ball.All school holidays end the same way and thats with the start of a new school term. It is Lucy's second year at Fairfield School and I could tell that she was glad to be back. It is Joshua's first year in senior school so the first day back was a huge day for him.They have both settled back in to the school routine very well. Back to early nights and homework for Joshua and back to fun filled days for Lucy.

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Nicky said...

Nice to read the blog, we have missed it. Josh, the uniform looks good! Would be great to see a picture of Lucy's room.