Wednesday, 11 June 2008

11Jun08 - A Life of Love

I often wonder who reads my rambling commentary and how it is received. It is a strange feeling knowing that Lucy's life and my own personal experience of it is available for the whole world to read about. At times it is an uncomfortable feeling which makes me question what I am doing but then every so often I get feedback which reassures me that Lucy's story should continue to be told.

I received this poem from a reader in America.

A Life Of Love
Written for Lucy May & Family

There is no handicap in anything that loves
they say what we do below, effects the stars above
sometimes life’s a test, sometimes it’s gentle as a dove
but there is no handicap within our acts of love

For what we see within is the way things truly are
we see the light above, but it’s the fire of the stars
when we hold another’s hand it’s the touching of the heart
there is no handicap when love holds all the parts

Yes we can learn to love from those who need us here
because maybe we need them to keep our life’s perspective clear
and only by giving of ourselves do we understand the lights above
handicap is an illusion within the perfect heart that loves

We can’t know the reason for all of this life’s pain
or why we are the ones to hold the burden of hardships reign
but we must remember, on earth, as up above
there is no handicap when your life’s a life a love
within our every action we create worlds dreamed of
because there is no handicap in a life that’s full of love

Remember, my friends, we see people by the way WE ARE not the way THEY ARE

written by Eric Sander Kingston


Ben said...


Margo said...

Wow, that just about sums it up perfectly!!

Granny & Grandad T said...

What a moving poem & what a lovely thought to write it for you all.

Adam said...

What a wonderful poem.
My family live in Essex and we have 3 children, one of our twins has CP. He is 2 yrs old now, so I guess a couple of years behind Lucy May. Life is something of a rollercoaster of emotions for us and it was a real eye opener to read about another family sharing similar experiences.

I've tried writing a blog of my own for my family but I never seem to find the time!

best wishes,

the Perry family, Essex, UK

Nicky said...

I thought the poem was very encouraging and could apply to so many aspects of life. It is probably hard sometimes to believe what it is saying but I will keep it as a reminder for good days and bad as I hope you all will.

shaoli said...

I dont know if you remember me I had written to you about my soon to be 4 yr old son from USA about moving to Slough,UK.We just moved 2months back and are still waiting for a school placement.In the meanwhile reading your posts does hurt a lot.We also kept hoping that maybe my son would start walking,talking by the time he was 3 then it went on to 4 and now we think that posiibly there are certain things that do not end well.Does that mean that I do not love him but it hurts to know that there will always be certain limitations to what he can do and I hoep we can always understand his needs and fulfill them and be there for him.He is our first born and I dont think we want anymore cos we are unsure of things and possibly scared of what if things go wrong again.
It feels nice to express one's feelings without being judged.
I shall keep coming back to read your blog.
I wish all the best to Lucy and your family.