Monday, 2 June 2008

02Jun08 - Lucy in Scotland

We have just got back from a weeks holiday in Scotland. A week without a mobile phone signal or the internet which made a nice change. It was a great time for Lucy because there were nineteen of us including eight children which meant that there was usually something going on or somebody playing with her. The girls especially spent a lot of time sitting and cuddling Lucy. Even Grandad got in on the act.It also gave us more of a break than we would have had if we were on our own which worked out well. Lucy was struggling with yet another wet cough for most of the week which was unfortunate. She was also on yet another dose of antibiotics which didn't really seem to do much good although she is getting over it now. Not wishing to risk Lucy's cough developing into something more serious we were a little restricted as to taking Lucy out. The cold and the wet seem to have an adverse affect so we kept her in and wrapped up.Maybe we were a little over cautious but better safe than sorry. When the sun did come out Lucy enjoyed being pushed down the road listening to the birds and taking in the Sottish scenery. Not too sure what the wildlife made of the little pink four wheeled cough that disturbed their peace though.Joshua had a good time too. It was nice for him to have all his cousins to play with and we actually saw very little of him. We did manage to persuade him to go out with us a couple of times but he mostly preferred messing around at the house with the other kids.Lucy still got some quality time with her big brother and without him around I guess she would not get to do half the things she does.We also passed another major milestone while we were on holiday, Lucy had her fourth birthday. We had a little party with all the kids and Lucy tucked in to jelly and angel delight.Lucy's birthdays always bring back lot of memories but at the same time they are a celebration of her life and how much she has overcome. I think she knew it was a special occasion and enjoyed opening all her presents. With all the new clothes she got she will be the best dressed little girl for a long time.Lucy's birthday was a nice way to end the week but it all passed a little too quickly. On the way home Joshua wanted to see Hadrian's Wall so we made a slight detour via Housteads. It was a very strenuous push up to the roman fort but Lucy didn't mind and the sun was shining.The Romans might have built roads and sewers and brought lots of other technological advances but they definitely didn't consider disabled access! All the same we got to the top eventually and Lucy found a new hospital that she hadn't been to yet.Joshua loved it, standing on the wall imagining hoards of attacking barbarians.Lucy was happy just to take in the history and the views.The push back to the car was more of a free wheel but I am glad she is not much heavier.Well that was Scotland, a great week, wish it had been two weeks but then who doesn't say that after a good holiday!


Margo said...

Great to hear that you all had a good time. Lucy looks to be enjoying herself in the photos!! Did she bring me any angel delight/jelly? Can't wait to see her and give her a big cuddle. Lots of Love to you all
Auntie Margo

fairenuff said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUCY! Gosh, arent you growing up!

I'm glad you all had a good holiday, cant wait to natter about it.

Anonymous said...

Did she see the Loch Ness Monster, how about eating some Haggis?

Anonymous said...

I hear you've all had a fantabulous time and that Lucy enjoyed her birthday, wish I could've been there enjoying the jelly and cuddles too!
Lots of love to you all
Emma xXx