Monday, 7 July 2008

07Jul08 - Brother and Sister

When I think back to how eagerly Joshua anticipated the birth of his new little sister I get a feeling of great sadness for him. He used to tell us all about the things they were going to do together and how brilliant it was going to be. He was going to be the best big brother in the world. He is definitely that in many more ways than I could have foreseen. The feelings of sadness are twofold. I feel for his loss in not being able to share his life in the way most brothers and sisters do, for not helping Lucy to crawl, walk and talk, for not being able to laugh and boast about all the cute little phrases she may have said for the first time and for the admiring eyes that would have made him feel so special.Maybe I understand that and feel it more than he does because I know what he has missed. I also have my own feelings of loss at not being able to enjoy their boisterous and comical interaction, their petty squabbles, the love of a big brother for a little toddler and the childlike brotherly guidance that Joshua would be so good at giving. I see all these things in Joshua's relationship with his little cousin who is just a few months younger than Lucy and at times this can be very difficult to watch. The guilt demon inside of me tells me that I should not compare with what could have been, that I should be grateful that Joshua has a sister and that it should not matter that things are so different from what they should have been. I am not sure what affects me more, the feelings of guilt or the sense of loss.

Every so often I get a slap in the face which pulls me out of the gloomy pit of self pity. Yesterday was such an occasion. A blatant reminder that although Joshua and Lucy share a special kind of relationship, it is no less loving and the bond that exists between them is a strong as any. They definitely still know how to have a good time enjoying each others company even if it relies on Joshua to instigate all they do together. There is no better than Joshua! He truly is a very special boy. The occasion was a mainstream party for a little 3 year old girl. As usual I was very apprehensive about going to this "normal party" especially as there was a children's entertainer who would have all the little children running, dancing and playing party games. Of course I expected that Lucy would be excluded by default as she would be unable to participate. I also expected us to attract the usual curious, sympathetic and blatant staring from the other parents. However we still went because Lucy would still enjoy being there, oblivious of her parents anxieties and insecurities. So we dressed her in her best party frock, put a new frilly bobble in her hair and arrived at the party with mixed feelings. To start with it was as I feared, lots of kids running around, screaming and shouting, playing with balloons, while Lucy sat on my knee. As I do automatically now, I kept scanning the room for starers, not to be disappointed. However within a few minutes the Entertainer had brought Lucy a special balloon which mellowed my mood a little. I am sure she liked it.It was not long before the party games started and I watched while all the children gathered, some eagerly, some hesitantly, to join in with the fun. I suppose I shouldn't have but I did not feel comfortable taking Lucy to sit in the middle of the other children and being the only parent. I suggested to Joshua that he might like to as he would also get the chance to join in. In true Joshua style he was more than willing and off they went. Lucy was immediately at ease with him and looked to be taking it all in.They had story time, played running, balloons and all sorts of noisy hysterical party games. Joshua made sure every time that Lucy was completely involved, especially with the pass the parcel.Best of all was the disco at the end. Joshua and Lucy were dancing around all over the dance floor. Joshua's arms must have been dropping off but he carried on right to the end.Lucy had an awesome time and I think Joshua did too. It was wonderful to see them like that and Joshua really showed everybody in the room how special his little sister is and how they can have just as much fun as everybody else. It was a good afternoon in the end and we all left happy.I received another lesson in how our life is not always as it seems, a reminder that I can still see in my beautiful children those things which I anticipated when I found out that Joshua would be having a little sister. I love my children with all my heart and I can not imagine them any other way. Together they bring so much joy. Watching them together is a daily treat that I could never tire of.


Granny & Grandad T said...

Yes they are very special children - seeing them together is always so heart-warming & Joshua shows us all what unconditional love is all about. xxxx

fairenuff said...

Even before I read your thread I new it was going to be a great one just by looking at the photos.

Yes, they are very special children.


Anonymous said...

Love the party dress, she looks gorgeous - little English rose !!
Lucy is lucky to have Josh for a brother.

The VHs

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, Great brother and a very special family and I mean Mum Dad and sisters too.

Lots of Love Uj

Bimbola said...

Whao! Joshua is incredible! and Lucy is such a cutie! and you and your wife are the real angels! I wish I had half your strenght and will power. I am still stuck at the point of not accepting that my daughter's condition is permanent, i am afraid to even put her in a chair, feel like it negates faith in healing, but reading your blog has given me renewed strenght to make life the best for my baby.