Tuesday, 15 July 2008

15Jul08 - First Year at School

Lucy is now coming to the end of her first full year at Fairfield School. It has been a revelation for all of us. For a long time I could not imagine Lucy even going to school and even less what a school she would be able to go to would be like. Fairfield School could be in the running for the best school in the world I think. It has to be experienced to appreciate what a fun and positive place it is. Lucy has done more in a year than she could have anywhere else and you only have to watch the above video to see that (or click here to watch on Google Videos). I have had no experience of other similar schools but I am convinced that there could be no better place for her. I have written previously about how wonderful the people are but it cannot be said enough. The teachers, helpers and all the other staff have created an amazing, happy, welcoming atmosphere and I always enjoy taking Lucy into school when I get the chance. The school made a DVD from all the photos they took for each child which is a really nice touch. I could not use it on the blog though because it also included pictures of the other children. The school gladly provided most of the pictures of Lucy so that I could recreate it for the blog. I have to admit being a little weepy when I watched it the first few times but I wasn't sad. It is just so nice to see Lucy taking part in so many different activities and really enjoying herself. I am so proud of how far she came during the last year at Fairfields and I give them all the credit. Thank you Fairfield School for a fantastic year!


Margo said...

Yes Neil, you have done it again. You made me cry!!
I too (from 2 visits) have decided that Fairfield is a fantastic place, but most of all... I am so very, very proud of my wonderful, beautiful niece. I think it is absolutley astonishing that Lucy has come into our lives and totally and utterly managed to change my perception of the world. For the better, I might add!!
Ok Lucys life may not be what we anticipated before she was born,and I too sometimes grieve for what might have been. But when I look at Lucy and see her smile all that just fades into insignificance. Lucy has sent us on the worst and the best rollercoaster ride in the world and I am sure she will continue to do that because thats part of the wonder of Lucy. We all love her to bits and cannot thank God enough for such an amazing child.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have not been posting comments, even tho I regularly check your blog and think it wonderful the way you capture the life of your little girl in words and pictures - and what a happy video. We know life must be difficult and depressing for you and Dawn sometimes but you can be thankful that you live in a country where the benefits and help are so amazing - you would be on your own here in SA ! Love Ann and Tudor

Nicky said...

I enjoyed watching the video and thought Lucy looked so happy. The activites are all so varied and the staff seem to be having just as much fun as Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Well I watched lucy's first year at school at school with a huge lump in my throat. I then proceeded to read most of the blog, which is really great guys!I was slighty late to bed that night but it was worth it. I'm so pleased to have found your blogspot and was introduced to it by one of lucy's carers. It really was amazing to see how Lucy has grown and changed it made my day.
I will continue to follow Lucy's blog, I was lucky enough to meet and felt priveleged to care for Lucy for a short time. Thank you for sharing her she really is an amazing little girl with a wonderful family I might add..
Lots of Love

Rachael xxx

Dawn said...

Hi Rachael, Helen mentioned that she had seen you. Thank you for your comment. It is lovely to hear from you. Hope you are keeping well, please keep in touch.