Wednesday, 2 January 2008

02Jan08 - Another Year

Lucy has started 2008 with an ongoing cold. Feeding her is still very difficult because of her nasty cough. In between meal times she is happiest when she is left alone lying on her back. When she is upright she is struggling with lots of mucus and saliva. It feels wrong to just leave her to entertain herself but at the moment that is what she wants. Lucy's best friend Laila came to visit on New Years Day. Laila was quite taken with Joshua and couldn't stop smiling at him.Lucy was happy to lie in her corner watching her new disco ball and mirror ball that she got for Christmas.
After feeding the girls we all shared a big bowl of chilli including Laila. I was really impressed that she was able to cope with it. It wasn't long ago that feeding was a huge problem for her and now she is eating chilli! We decided it wasn't a good idea to try Lucy with any especially at the moment. We tried to get Lucy and Laila to pose for a photo but they were feeling a little mischievous so this is the best of a bad lot.
Lucy went back to nursery today just for the afternoon which gave us the chance to take Joshua to the cinema for some rare Mum and Dad time. Lucy mostly slept at nursery and was also pretty lethargic when she came home. She made another big fuss over her supper and then fell fast asleep. She seems to have not been herself for so long now that it makes me wonder if we have just started another different phase. I hope I am wrong and that eventually we will get her back to normal.

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fairenuff said...

I LOVE the photo of Josh and Laila. They look like they are in love!
Sorry to hear Lucy isn't back to her old self yet, I have been thinking about her a lot and sending good vibes.
I hope this is just a passing phase, even though it is taking a long time to pass. Keep telling yourself that it takes Lucy longer to kick bugs.
Sending love to you all.
ps what film did you see with Josh?