Friday, 11 January 2008

11Jan08 - Long Week

I have just returned from a few days working in Germany and have tried to catch up with everything that has been going on at home. Thursday is always a difficult day for Dawn because it is the day she works so when I am not here she has to get up very early to sort Lucy out and get herself ready for work. After work she has to go to nursery to pick up Lucy and then pick up Joshua. By the time she gets home it is pretty late and she still has to sort Lucy out with her bath and supper. It must be really hard for all the single parents that have to cope on their own all the time.Lucy has been eating well over the last couple of days but was still struggling a little bit with her cough today. As long as we are getting the food into her we don't have to worry too much apart from all the washing and ironing.

Dawn took Lucy to a party this afternoon. I really admire Dawn for going because it was a "mainstream party" for children Lucy's age. I would have probably made a polite excuse. Children's parties usually involve lots of playing, shouting and running around while the parents sit and chat. Lucy of course can't join in with anything without help so Dawn had to take Lucy on the play gym and the trampoline while trying to ignore the sympathetic looks from all the other mothers.You stand out like a sore thumb and you can't help feeling that eyes are on you all the time. It is a conscious choice you make, either to avoid putting yourself in these situations and stay away, or just say "stuff it" and get on with it regardless for Lucy's sake. Dawn has a very strong character and is brave enough to do the latter. She makes sure that Lucy does not miss out because she knows Lucy gets a lot out of being with other children. As it turns out this is exactly what happened. There was a little boy at the party who also goes to Lucy's nursery. He was all over Lucy at the party, playing with her in a very gentle way. He kept on coming up to Lucy to talk to her and I am sure that Lucy loved the attention.I am so proud of Dawn for her determination to get on with life regardless. Yes it is hard, but we cannot hide away like lepers for the rest of our lives. Lucy needs a normal life with normal experiences and largely thanks to Dawn that is what she is going to get.

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fairenuff said...

You go girl (that's for Lucy AND Dawn!!).