Sunday, 27 January 2008

27Jan08 - Busy Busy

It has been one of those weeks that just seem to pass without you realising it. I had a few days working away from home so the blog has suffered a little. Lucy has shown good signs that she is getting back to her normal self and we have been spoilt with smiles. We managed to get this picture of Lucy amusing herself with her impression of Princess Leia from Star Wars.Even her eating has been intermittently good although she still throws a bad one in now and again. We had a lovely day out on Saturday for my parents wedding anniversary with a trip into Sheffield for a Chinese buffet lunch. We caught the tram into the centre of Sheffield which I think is a first for Lucy.It was surprisingly easy, especially getting on and off the tram itself. As Lucy didn't complain I took it that she enjoyed the ride. We had managed to time it so that we fed her just before we left which meant she lasted until we got back home again. Lucy sat happily at the table in the restaurant and it was nice to sit down and eat without having to juggle her in my arms for a change. She did manage to persuade her Granny to get her out of her chair towards the end. Joshua had a great time and impressed us with trying most of the dishes and his use of chop sticks. He was the only one to try the chicken feet which was unnecessarily brave but scored him some points with his cousins.Lucy behaved herself all afternoon and enjoyed the ride back on the tram.Saturday was a good reminder that with a little effort we can enjoy going out just like we used to and that sometimes our life seems more complicated than it actually is. Joshua is already asking when we can do it again.


Emily said...

Hello everyone,
I had a great time on Saturday(very funny when Josh realised that he had a chicken foot on his plate!)and it was really nice to see you all again. Lucy looked so cute in her scarf and i liked building the 'nuclear power station' out of lego with Josh! See you soon
Lots of love Emilyxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

We too really enjoyed Saturday with you all... and what wonderful & well-behaved grandchildren we have. Must do it again some time. Good to see Lucy's spark returning. Have a happy week.
Lots of love
Granny & Grandad T

Nicky said...

It was a good day, a great meal and always nice being with family. All the cousins seemed to enjoy the happy atmosphere.
We must do it again.

Margo said...

Glad you had such a good day!! Lovely photos Neil...keep up the good work!!
Love you all loads

Emma said...

Looks and sounds like you all had a fab day :) Nicky better watch out as she has competition to be the best princess leia now!!!
Lots of love to you all
cousin Emma