Tuesday, 8 January 2008

08Jan08 - Back to School

It was back to early mornings and the school run routine this week. I think everybody was looking forward to school again although not the 6 o'clock starts. At least we have passed the shortest day of the year but the mornings this time of the year are always dark, cold and usually wet. We have to fight with Lucy to get her coat on and then fight to get her in her car seat. Thats a little unfair because she is much better now than she used to be. Most mornings she will be happy to sit quietly in the car but every so often she likes to scream all the way to school. This week so far she has been a little gem.Over the last couple of days Lucy has shown some signs that she might finally be starting to shake the niggly cold and cough that has been getting her down for so long. She was definitely OK to go to school and it just shows how much she likes school because after not seeing any smiles for a couple of weeks the first thing Lucy did when she got to her classroom was break into a big smile.In fact she was all smiles. They made a big fuss of Lucy as soon as she arrived just to let her know that she was back and that it was good to see her. Back at school and loving every minute of it. Dawn is also now able to get a little of her own time back which is good. Today I was able to go on the school run as well and it was quite a good feeling dropping both the kids off at school and returning to a quiet and peaceful house.

Only one appointment today with Lucy's Occupational Therapist. She came to sort out Lucy's sleep system and to talk about a new chair for Lucy to use at school. It looks like we might be able to get one for home as well which will make a big difference. At the moment Lucy's chair has a push-chair frame and an indoor seating frame. We have no choice but to carry the seat between the car and the house. The seat is quite bulky and awkward and sometimes we end up just leaving it in the car, which of course is not ideal. So I was really pleased to hear that we can have a separate seat for home as it will make life a lot easier. These things usually take a while to get sorted out but at least we have got the ball rolling. I guess when it comes to things like this, for people like us, the National Health Service is pretty good.


fairenuff said...

I am so relieved to hear that Lucy is finally starting to kick that nasty cough.

It's lovely to see her smiling again.

Big hugs to you all.

Nicky said...

Glad that Lucy seems better, loved the 'happy to be back at school photo'

Anonymous said...

Isn't the "happy to be back at school" photo sweet. She must be very aware of her classroom and feel happy there. But then aren't kids always happier somewhere else where they are being entertained and amused - rather than their boring old houses with boring old parents. And Lucy's no different there !
Glad she's finally over that cold.

The VHs

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that cold is wearing off, as everyone else has said was lovely to see the back to school pic, ive been hearing nothing but moans from people going back! Hope the rest of you are keeping well and i look forward to the next update
lots of love
c.emma xXx

Anonymous said...

Must give you a good feeling to know Lucy is at such a great school and enjoys being there. She does look happy to be back ! Good news about the chair...
Ann ..Durban