Wednesday, 6 February 2008

06Feb08 - Catch Up

I am having a slight technical hitch writing the blog at the moment after spilling a glass of wine on our computer keyboard. The keyboard was badly traumatised by the experience and has not recovered.

The last week has been a good one for Lucy. She has been very happy and smiley which has rubbed off on all of us.Lucy has also been vocalising quite a lot. At school they even said that she has been smiling and giggling especially when she is playing on the resonance board. When Lucy is like this it gives as all a lift and everything seems just a little easier. It is hard not to wonder how long it will last, as Lucy's life so far has been a perpetual series of peaks and troughs. I guess I should just make the most of this peak while it lasts and who knows, this might be normal!

At school yesterday Lucy had a good time with messy play. She was a bit naughty because she objected to having to sit in her chair and let everyone know about it at the top of her voice. Lucy's teachers are used to her now and are never put off when she misbehaves. They just carry on as enthusiastically as ever which is brilliant. I suppose it is a form of discipline for Lucy to know that she can't just stamp her feet and do what she likes or not do what she doesn't like.Lucy can be a little sensitive to things put in her hands but it is great to see her getting to trying different sensations and feelings. Yesterday it was bright yellow, sticky, cornflour gunk....nice!It is just nice that she can do all this messy stuff at school instead of at home.


Margo said...

More lovely pictures!!
I have only visited Fairfield school once, but, it was enough to make me wish ALL schools were as good. As you say, the enthusiasm and care that everyone gives there is fantastic!
I am so glad that Lucy has such a wonderful school to go to.

Robster said...

Tell Dawn not to leave wine next to the keyboard. Especially as it blended into the surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you've had a good week. Yes, enjoy the happy times -seize the day!
Lots of love to the 4 of you
Granny & Grandad T

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your all well and happy, hope you have lots more smiles this week
lots of love
cousin emma xXx