Saturday, 23 February 2008

23Feb08 - Still In Portugal

I am writing this blog on behalf of Neil, so I apologise in advance if it is not up to his very high standards!! Well Joshua Lucy and myself should have made our second attempt to fly home today, but as you can probably gather it was not to be. Lucy remains in hospital but is thankfully starting to (dare I say it?) make steady progress. She still requires oxygen support but has been able to be taken off it for 15 minutes today. Her blood oxygen saturations levels then began to fall below the desired level and she had to go back on it - but its a start. She will remain on antibiotics and steroids for the next couple of days and will be reviewed again by the Doctor on Monday. In the meantime Josh and I are flying home on Sunday evening and Neil is flying out to Portugal to take over the reins. This means that Josh will finally be able to go back to school on Monday after missing a full week. He surprisingly seems remarkably unconcerned about the amount of school work he has missed and I believe would stay here indefinitely if allowed. Although his Mother being the hard task master that she is , has other ideas!!!


Anonymous said...

Good news! May Lucy's progress continue. Enjoy your day together We wish Dawn & Josh a safe & trouble-free journey home & pray it won't be long before Neil & Lucy are home too. God bless you all & lots of love
Granny & Grandad T xxxx

fairenuff said...

I am so glad Lucy is slowly progressing in the right direction. It's a shame it isn't happening any faster but she'll get there. I'm glad you will be home soon, I bet you could sleep for a week, eh?! Give Josh and Lucy a big kiss from me.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear there is some progress - have been thinking of you all. Hope the switch over goes well tomorrow and that Lucy will continue to get better and be home soon !! lots of love Mary and Rachel x

Margo said...

Not bad for a first attempt at a blog Dawn!! Now all you need to do is learn how to do photos and then show your big sister how it is done! LOL
Give Louby a big sloppy auntie kiss from me (I'll give Josh his when he gets home...!!)Whilst you are about it, give Mum and Dad kisses and hugs from me too!!
See you soon
Loads of Love to you all

carlys life said...

i just wanted to say what a doll lucy is i have mild to moderate cerbal palsy type one diabetes a heart condition and many other little things lucy is lucky that she has parents like you i hope lucy feels better soon

carly tasmania australia

Anonymous said...

I very pleased to hear about Lucy getting better.That a very good news I hope in two weeks time we will see the lovely Lucy back.
Lots of love.
Janos from Advance