Wednesday, 27 February 2008

27Feb08 - Portimao Day 15

Last night Lucy was fairly good in that although she didn't sleep much, she was fairly quiet. She started to fall asleep over her breakfast and then slept for most of the morning. When I arrived at Lunchtime I had to poke her awake to feed her. She had a huge lunch and then sat happily next to me all afternoon while I read my book. There has been a bit of a setback with the plans for returning home. After being told by the doctor over the last couple of days that Lucy would be discharged on Thursday after completing her course of antibiotics, we received a call from the insurance company to say that Lucy's discharge is going to be reviewed on Friday morning. The was a change over of Doctors this morning and it seems like there has been a lack in communication. I enquired at the hospital about the mixed messages and suddenly I am now being told that the course of antibiotics does not finish until Friday morning. It is all quite confusing and very annoying. We then received a second call from the insurance company saying that they were looking into flights. At the moment I have not got a clue when Lucy is going to be discharged or when the insurance company will arrange the flights. I will have to wait until tommorow morning to speak to the doctor and find out what he/she intends. Well it is back to the hospital for the night shift now, I just hope it is the last one!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Lucy looking so much better - hope the arrangements to get home all come together and are not too stressful
Sending all our love and positive vibes Mary , Emma (home for the weekend) and Rachel

Nicky said...

Crossing everything that it works out for you both to come home asap!