Friday, 8 February 2008

08Feb08 - Up and then Down

Lucy's good week continued with a session in Dad's salon. She is much more tolerant of having a hair washed and dried these days and I no longer have to fight with her to do it.I get the feeling that she actually enjoys the pampering, particularly the noise and feeling of the hairdryer.Lucy is modest but like any little girl she likes to look good. When it comes to a wash and blow dry I think I have just about mastered it. I have even learnt how to put a clip in but plaits are still a mystery.I must have tempted fate in my last blog when I wrote about peaks and troughs. It is becoming a habit with Lucy to throw in a wild card just when we think everything is going well. Yesterday afternoon Dawn had to pick Lucy up early from nursery because she suddenly spiked a temperature of 40 degrees. We have been managing it with calpol ever since but unfortunately it looks like she has picked up yet another bug. Her timing could not be better as Dawn is taking both Lucy and Joshua to Portugal on Monday for a break with her parents. I took Lucy to the doctors this morning to get her checked out and apart from her temperature there was nothing the doctor could find that indicated anything more than a non-specific virus. She prescribed a dose of antibiotics which we will only use if Lucy's condition deteriorates. I just hope that over the next 48 hours Lucy can manage to kick the bug. Dawn, Joshua and Lucy are all looking forward to their week away and the last thing they need is another one of Lucy's "episodes".

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Get better soon Lucy!