Sunday, 26 August 2007

25Aug07 - Travel Day

Today we left for our family holiday in Mallorca with my sisters family. All medicines were in the correct size bottles, we had the doctors letter to confirm what Lucy is taking and were ready for the usual looks and stares. The journey to Birmingham was easy and we paid extra to park in the multi storey new the terminal. Airports always bring out the starers though. Josh get very protective and usually stares right back at them. He must get it from me. The security officials were actually very good and let us through with everything we needed. We also got seats right at the front of the plane. Lucy behaved brilliantly. we had arranged a special air chair for her and after settling down she slept for the whole flight. We had to wait at Palma with the other wheelchair passengers for a special lift off the plane but all the staff where extremely nice. My sisters family arrived on an earlier flight so we phoned them when we had picked up the hire car and by the time we had arrived at our villa in Pollenca Johann my brother in law had already started the barbecue. The villa is fantastic, big pool, huge grounds and no neighbours, just what we hoped for. After a few glasses of wine it is time to go to bed.


Margo said...

Hope you have a fantastic holiday! Have a glass of wine or two for me Dawn!! XXXX

John M Haigh said...

Have a lovely holiday love en kisses.
from Gran and Grand dad Haigh.

fairenuff said...

I'm intrigued... where do you sit on a 'hire cat'?!! (Sorry, couldnt resist!)

I hope the holiday continues to be as wonderful as the start and you come back with great stories and photos.

Have a great time.