Wednesday, 29 August 2007

26Aug07 - My Birthday

The first full day of our holiday and my birthday. I got a special breakfast made by my Brother in Law Johann with birthday candles in my toast. Dawn took care of all Lucy’s feeds today which was fantastic. That is the way we spoil each other on our birthdays. We spent the morning lazing around the pool. Unfortunately the pool is quite cool and Lucy took a while to get used to the water. The inflatable ring I bought for Lucy is not really adequate. She pushes back so hard and the back rest doesn’t cope with it. I wish there was a company that specialised in swimming aids for people with special needs. If there is please (email me). In the afternoon we drove to the local beach at Puerto Pollenca. We had to buy a sun umbrella for Lucy and she duly obliged by falling asleep on the beach. It was nice to spend some quality time with Joshua for a change. We went snorkelling and he saw lots of fish. We have noticed recently that Joshua has started attention seeking which is not surprising as Lucy seems to monopolise our time and energy. He never complains about that but we have noticed a change in him recently. Hopefully we can make a special effort this week and both give him some quality time.

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fairenuff said...

Josh is welcome to come to our house for some attention anytime. I know its not the same as Mum and Dad but we think he's a delight and the girls love him. Send him here whenever you like!!!