Thursday, 23 August 2007

23Aug07 - Nursery Day

Had to leave early this morning to go to London so left Dawn to do the morning routine. Dress, teeth, medicine, breakfast and the worst bit the dreaded hair brushing and thats all before dropping Lucy at Nusery and going to work herself. Just the usual Thursday start when I am working away. My parents came over from Sheffield to look after Josh as it is still school holidays. I got back this evening to find that my Dad has been sorting out our neglected garden with Joshuas help and my Mum has been at the ironing mountain that never seems to go away. Their support is brilliant. Joshua always has a good day with his grandparents. He beat them at monopoly again today!!! I did get home in time to see Lucy briefly but not quite in time to help Dawn with the bath, medicine and feeding routine. I just got a few quick cuddles before putting her to bed.

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The Van Huyssteens said...

Can't wait to go on holiday with you all on Saturday. Lucy loved the swimming pool so much last year in Portugal - apart from grumbling a bit when she first got in ! I'm sure she's going to have a lovely time and lots of attention from her adoring cousins.