Wednesday, 29 August 2007

27Aug07 - Tuesday

Had a late night last night after finally getting Lucy to bed. Lazed around the pool all morning but decided not to put Lucy in after she got so upset yesterday. In the afternoon we drove to a beach and on the way stopped at a viewing point. The temperature was very high and because of all the steps to the viewing point we had to carry Lucy between us. She is really getting too heavy to carry any distance now. It was worth it because the views were stunning and we got some nice photos. When we got to the beach we found that it was packed but eventually found a space. Lucy was happy to sit in her pram under her new umbrella for about an hour which gave me some time to swim with Joshua. As usual there where plenty of starers. I found a nice quiet and cool place to feed Lucy before it was time to head home. We put Lucy in the pool again but the water must have warmed up because she didn’t complain too much and stayed in for ages. She especially liked it when Samantha her 11 year old cousin took over from me in the pool. With me she is always pushing back and squirming. As soon as Samantha took her she completely relaxed and was happy to stay in as long as Samantha wanted. Children have always had a special effect on Lucy. They are so genuine and treat Lucy as another child not something alien.

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