Wednesday, 29 August 2007

28Aug07 - Driving Day

We had a driving day today. Lucy was confined to her car seat and pram for most of the day but never complained. Our first stop was a lovely secluded cove (apart from the coach loads of tourists) and we bumped in to some people we met on the special lift off the plane. They had a lady with cerebral palsy with them and it was nice that she recognised Lucy and wanted to say hello. It was difficult not to get angry with all the ignorant people who wanted to stare at Lucy. My sister has suggested making business cards explaining about Lucy with a link to this blog to hand out to all the starers. I think it is a brilliant idea and it will be my first job when I get home. We stopped in Valldemossa which is a lovely village in the mountains. Whilst pushing Lucy round a small girl about 3 years old came up to Lucy and wanted to hold her hand. It was really nice to see her treat Lucy in the way that everybody should. No preconceptions, no prejudice, just genuine friendliness. I wish everybody could see Lucy through the eyes of that 3 year old.


fairenuff said...

We have done the same thing! We have little cards to hand out that have Bethany's own website on (the one for kids) plus my blog and her health page. Bethany loves handing them out, she's very proud of her site! Sadly, the starers probably wouldnt bother looking at the site, they are too busy gawping! But, if nothing else its a great way to keep family and friends up to date. We hand them out to people who wouldnt otherwise look at the sites - nurses, other families at kids parties etc, we are shameless!!

Margo said...

MargoGoog1967This blog is wonderful!! A great way for a doting auntie to keep up to date on her youngest niece (and nephew!!), especially when they're out of the country. I've already told loads of people about Loubys blog.....maybe you ought to give me some of those business cards to hand around!! By the way Jjarpy is doing fine, but, he is now trying to beat me to the door as I leave!