Sunday, 16 December 2007

16Dec07 - Catch Up

After a busy end to the week we have had a fairly relaxed weekend. We managed to finish off the Christmas shopping and cards so much of the Christmas stress is over. It was difficult because it has been so cold and we have had to wrap Lucy up in a little cocoon in her wheelchair. I probably worry to much about Lucy and the cold but the last thing we want at Christmas is another chest infection. My parents visited today to bring presents and just catch up before Christmas so Lucy was not short of attention.She can be quite manipulative and is getting very good at getting her own way, although I don't think her grandparents mind one bit.As you can see from the photos Lucy was in her element and had a really nice afternoon.

This week we took delivery of Lucy's new Mangar bath seat. She has been using an old baby seat that now she is much too big for. Also due to her size and weight it has become quite a strain to get her in and out of the bath. The new seat will lower her into and raise her out of the bath to save our backs but as with most things it is not so straight forward. The seat is large and awkward to move so it is likely that now we have started to use it, our bath will only be used for Lucy.There are suction pads which keep it fixed to the bottom of the bath and it is quite hard to remove it again. It is also heavy and awkward to lift so from now on the rest of the family will have to make do with the shower. This will affect Joshua more than anyone, who has been used to having his nightly bath since he was born. It is better for Dawn who has really started to struggle when she has to bath Lucy. Lucy is simply getting too heavy. Dawn will now be able to sit Lucy on the raised seat without having to lower her manually into the bath.There is a remote control switch that then lowers the seat into the water. I am glad we are not yet on a water meter because we have to put at least double the amount of water into the bath to get Lucy wet.The seat is just another piece of abnormal equipment that we will have to get used to. I have to remind myself that it is for our benefit and that I should be grateful that we have been given it at all but I can't help seeing it as another reminder that life is difficult and that we need help. Just the fact the I can no longer use my own bath without the difficulty of removing a large piece of equipment highlights how invasive Lucy's requirements have become and it is certainly not going to get any better. I know that this seat is necessary and that it will help us. I also know how lucky we are to live in a country that provides these things for families like ours. It just takes some getting used to before you can view the change in a positive light.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all im sure if Josh misses his baths then a little adventure on the bath seat wouldnt harm, im sure it would take his weight it looks sturdy enough and im sure he doesnt weigh that much.You will soon adapt to your new bit of furniture just think of the fun Lucy will have going up and down on the seat you never know you may not need the extra water luv Dawn n Ashleigh xx