Monday, 24 December 2007

24Dec07 - Christmas Eve

Finally after all the stress of the run up to Christmas everything was done and we drove down to my cousins house, the car loaded with presents, to spend Christmas with them. We never got round to putting up a tree at home and Lucy was quite taken with all the lights and decorations when we got there.It was nice for everyone just to sit down and relax. A couple of glasses of wine helped as well. Lucy especially liked their huge TV and enjoyed lying in front of it. In true Lucy form she got her cuddles in quick and really enjoyed all the attention.For most of the afternoon she was happy to lie watching the big TV or to to lie under the Christmas tree looking up at the lights.This Christmas was the one when Joshua finally admitted (with some help from his cousins Callum and Carmen), that he didn't really believe that Santa was real any more. Its a bit of a sad milestone but I suppose we don't have to creep around in the middle of the night with his stocking any more, or half eat carrots and mince pies. I made sure that he didn't tell Lucy though. Santa will still come for Lucy for a few years yet.We had no problem putting Lucy to bed, she was really tired. After Lucy went to bed we all joined in playing Christmas Eve games which was fun. After plenty of chocolate and a few glasses of wine it is time to hit the sack. I wonder if Lucy will be dreaming about Santa?

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