Sunday, 2 December 2007

02Dec07 - Family Sunday

Lucy has been struggling with a phlegmy cough for the last week. It has been worse during feeds and when she has her medicine. It is difficult not to get frustrated when something like feeding, which has recently become quite easy, suddenly gets difficult again. It has been like stepping back 2 years when every feed was a marathon battle of will and endurance. There has definitely been some improvement over the last day or 2 and at least her appetite is still fairly healthy. The worry with all the coughing is that she develops another chest infection which would not be good at all. I suppose that this may be a seasonal problem that we will just have to get used to.

For the second Sunday in a row we jumped into the car and made the short trip to my parents for Sunday lunch. Lucy's Aunty Nicky and cousins, Emily and Ashley were also visiting so she was due some extra cuddles. I sometimes think Lucy just moves through life from one cuddle to the next.Emily has always been especially eager to cuddle Lucy and Lucy would sit happily with Emily for as long as she could get away with it.
It is so good for Lucy to have regular contact with all her extended family because it gives her the chance to form lots of different kinds of relationships. She will definitely behave differently with different people. It is almost predictable that if Lucy's girl cousins pick her up and play with her she will play happily for as long as they want to. Lucy is a people person and just loves the noise and chaos of a family get together. It is also great for us because Lucy is always entertained and we get a break for a few hours.

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