Tuesday, 25 December 2007

25Dec07 - 4th Christmas

Christmas Day started with stockings. Lucy had to wait until after her breakfast before she opened hers. Joshua was on hand to help Lucy unwrap her presents.I don't think Lucy really understood what was going on today but I am sure she was aware that it was not a normal day. When it came to opening Christmas presents Lucy had done better than anyone. Her pile of presents was quite impressive. We tried to get her as involved as we could by using her hands to pull at the wrapping paper and putting bits of paper in her hands.Lucy was very lucky and got some lovely presents. She look very cute wearing her new Christmas scarf.After all the excitement of the present opening Lucy relaxed by the tree with her new cuddly polar bear while Christmas dinner was prepared.Lucy watched some Christmas CBeebies on TV while the rest of us sat down to enjoy a huge Christmas feast. It was sad that Lucy couldn't join in but she is just too heavy for me to hold her and eat at the same time. We just had to keep checking that she was OK. When I had finished eating I went and got Lucy so that she could join in with the last part of the meal.
In the after dinner lull there was just time for a long cuddle with Lucy's new Auntie Fran before supper.Lucy ended the day cuddling her new polar bear which she still has to name. She was a little tired and sad at bedtime but it wasn't long before she was fast asleep.It was an excellent Christmas Day spent in excellent company. Even though Lucy probably didn't know what was going on, I am sure that she enjoyed the occasion. Tomorrow she will be spoilt with all the family getting together for a big Boxing Day bash.


fairenuff said...

Loving the posts full of photos and glad you are all having a great Christmas. Hope we see you soon.

Nicky said...

It is nice to seeing you enjoying yourself, Lucy. I thought the scarf looked great!