Thursday, 20 December 2007

20Dec07 - End of Term

Lucy has nearly reached the end of her first proper term at School. I am really proud of how far she has come and now I can see that she is growing up fast. She is no longer a little baby. This last week before Christmas has been packed full of exciting activities which I know from reading her school diary. On Monday she was in the final performance of "Christmas Under the Sea" which according to the school notes she really enjoyed. After the performance the class sung Christmas songs with lots of bells for Jingle Bells. On Tuesday Lucy had fun making a picture, painting and playing in the igloo. She also visited the school grotto and joined in with Jingle Bells again. On Wednesday they had a Christmas party so Lucy went to school in party clothes. To quote from her diary,

"Lucy has had such a lovely time at the party. She is in such a good mood - back on form all round!"

She ate a chocolate mini roll which I bet she loved, played "pass the parcel" and enjoyed dancing. She also visited Santa's Grotto at the school and got a present. The school sent home a lovely picture of Lucy with Santa but I haven't got round to scanning it in yet. Today she has been working on the trampoline, playing in the "Soft Play" and joined in making sounds on the resonance board. Every day is different for Lucy at school and everything sounds like so much fun. It is so reassuring to know that Lucy is getting to try lots of different things and that she is having so much fun at the same time. The stimulation that she must be getting is far beyond anything we could provide at home for her. I know I often praise Fairfield School and the people that work there but they deserve every possible accolade for what they achieve. They make such an enormous difference to the quality of life of every child at the school. After this week Lucy is pretty tired but I think this just shows how busy she has been and how much fun she is having. She had her MMR vaccination yesterday so last night she was very grumpy and hadn't managed to sleep it off by this morning. Tonight she seemed a little better but was still a bit miserable which I put down to tiredness. Lucy's friend Iram came to visit this evening to exchange Eid and Christmas presents. Lucy was having her supper when Iram arrived and unfortunately she fell asleep straight afterwards so they didn't get to spend much time together. I also didn't get a chance to get a photo. Lucy was just worn out so I put her to bed and I am pretty sure she will sleep all night (doing her impression of a scarecrow!!!).

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