Saturday, 22 December 2007

22Dec07 - Christmas Rush

To day was the day to finish of all the little jobs for Christmas. We started the day by delivering the remaining cards and visiting a few friends that we have not seen for a while. Lucy was happy to sit in her car seat and listen to Take That and Westlife (not my choice!!). In the afternoon there was ironing and present wrapping to look forward to. We all got comfy in the lounge and Dawn and I had a little Christmas sherry. Dawn ironed and I wrapped while Joshua and Lucy watched a DVD.It was actually quite a nice afternoon just to be at home all the family together. Some friends called round later on and as usual Lucy got spoilt with cuddles. She got so comfortable that she eventually fell asleep and had a good nap before waking up for her medicine and supper. Both Joshua and Lucy have been brilliant all day and Joshua even agreed to clean out his hamster's cage. Maybe they have been thinking about being watched by Santa and are trying to earn some last minute points for being good.Whatever the reason it certainly helped Dawn and I to get on with all the final jobs we needed to finish before Christmas. Hopefully the final couple of days can be relatively stress free now that we have done the mad rushing around bit.

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you all over Christmas and the New Year: trust it will be full of joy and you will both find time to relax, unwind and enjoy family time. God bless you all..
Ann and Tudor