Thursday, 29 November 2007

29Nov07 - The Badge

Following the many requests for pictures of "The Badge", this blog is for Joshua, the 2007/2008 Head Boy of St.Saviours Junior School. Lucy could not have a better big brother, she absolutely dotes on Joshua and just loves it when he plays with her. I am so pleased that Joshua has been made to feel special in this way, especially as the whole school voted.

Congratulations Joshua (Head Boy), you do deserve this!

These are just some of the comments and messages for Joshua:
"Well done Josh!"
"Well done Josh - you are a star !!!"
"Congratulations to Josh....what a feather in his cap and well deserved I am sure. From what you write he sounds a most extraordinarily responsible and thoughtful boy for his age."
"Well done on being selected Head Boy at your School. You are obviously a popular and respected boy.
Your Great Uncle thinks you are a star.
Well Done!!"
"Congratulations Josh!!!Well done on being head boy, I hope you have lots of fun in year 6 because it's a really good year before high school!"
"Well done Josh. Head Boy my my what an achievement. Feel Proud, feel very Proud. You deserve it."

Too often at home Joshua is left on his own or simply neglected but he never complains or blames Lucy. In fact he always manages to put a positive spin on everything. He has always accepted Lucy unconditionally and it is clear that he loves his little sister very much.Lucy told me tonight that she thinks her big brother is brilliant and she is so proud of him.


Granny & Grandad T said...

Good to see Josh the star of the blog - we too are very proud of him and so enjoyed our time with him and Lucy. After 2 days holding the fort we are filled with admiration for the way Dawn copes with Lucy-care, the school run and so much more day after day.

Margo said...

Well Done, Joshy Poshy....Love you loads and loads and I promise not to give you too many sloppy auntie kisses!!! Hugs and a peck or two on the cheek from Auntie Margo (your favourite auntie when you are with her!!)XXXXX

Gavin & Glenda Chappé de Léonval said...

Well done Josh. Head Boy my my what an achievement. Feel Proud, feel very Proud. You deserve it.