Tuesday, 27 November 2007

27Nov07 - Grandparents

I had to leave early this morning to catch the train to London so my parents were on hand to take over and sort out Joshua and Lucy. They are so good at just stepping in whenever we need them. They have heard a lot about Lucy's school but it was the first time that they had actually been inside. I told them the routine and made sure that they knew to wait until 9:00 to take Lucy in. Their first impressions were the same as mine, what a fantastic, friendly place. They were welcomed by an "extremely nice man" at the door who greeted Lucy by name and ushered them into the school. They thought he was one of the bus drivers but when they described him to me there was only one person it could have been, Richard the headmaster. I think Fairfield School must be the only school where the headmaster of the school walks around with a beaming smile on his face welcoming the children into school. When they got to Lucy's classroom they were welcomed by Jane, Lucy's teacher ("Isn't she nice" they said) and got to meet some of Lucy's classmates. They were really taken with one little boy who toddled in with his walking frame and actually said hello to them. Jane offered to show them round the school tomorrow if they go in a little early which is so nice. Nothing is too much effort at Fairfields. I am glad that they have had the opportunity to see where Lucy spends so much time and experience the brilliant atmosphere that Fairfields provides.

I didn't arrive home until about 20:00 and Lucy was already falling asleep. There was a hot meal waiting for me which was so nice and I decided that it was too late to start Lucy's exercises, so today she and I have had a day off. It is a shame because I am really keen to keep up with the therapy every day, even if there is not enough time to fit in the whole program. Today I guess it just didn't work out, but then if we start to treat it like too much of a regime it will become a burden. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day and I am not going to feel guilty about that. I do feel like I have missed a day but work had to come first unfortunately. Joshua still had his school uniform on when I got home and I quickly realised why. At school this morning he had been presented with his Head Boy badge in front of the whole school. At the end of last term he was voted Head boy by the all children at the school. I am so proud of him and he could not be more pleased or proud of himself than he was tonight. He deserves it and it is so nice that he can now feel a little bit special for the rest of the school year. It was a long day away from home but at least I didn't miss seeing Joshua and Lucy before they went to bed. I am just thankful that my parents were around to do what they do best.


fairenuff said...

It sounds like Josh and Lucy have had a good day. Can we have a photo of the head boy badge please?! You are so lucky to have such wonderful support from your parents and it's great that they get to enjoy Josh and Lucy's time.

Nicky said...

well done Josh, we would like to see the badge too!

Anonymous said...

Well done Josh - you are a star !!! E mail us a picture sometime so we can see the badge.
Love Auntie Mary Emma and Rachel

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Josh....what a feather in his cap and well deserved I am sure. From what you write he sounds a most extraordinarily responsible and thoughtful boy for his age. I hope you both make a big fuss of him and do something special with him...
Love Auntie Ann

Emily said...

Hello everyone!
Congratulations Josh!!!Well done on being head boy, I hope you have lots of fun in year 6 because it's a really good year before high school!Keep working hard and i'll see you all soon!
lots of love hugs and kisses cousin & niece Emilyxxxx
ps I hope Lucy is getting on well at nursery!