Saturday, 24 November 2007

24Nov07 - Back to it

Lucy has just about got over the fun and games of the last 2 weeks apart from a niggling cough that is taking some shaking. I decided that today would be a good day to start on Lucy's new Scotson Technique therapy exercises. It has already been over a week since we were at the clinic and I had to sit and study the therapy sheets for 10 minutes before it all came back. There are two separate patterns of exercises to do for the first two months. This first set of exercises combines many different hand postions which then repeat for different locations on Lucy's chest and abdomen. Once I started I didn't find it too difficult and soon got into the swing of it. Lucy was quite relaxed and eventually fell asleep which made it very easy.It is always difficult to do very gentle movements when Lucy is squirming and arching like a snake on hot coals. The whole set of exercise took approximately 1hr40mins which is acceptable although it is going to be tricky to fit the whole program in on school days. Today I did Lucy's front so tomorrow I will do her back which is not as straight forward because Lucy is not too happy about lying on her front. I will have to put up with the squirming and moaning until she gets used to it again.

Lucy has been more like her old self today which has made it a lovely relaxed Saturday. She has been making her little noises again and responding nicely to Joshua when he wanted to play with her. Lucy even responded to Dawn's voice on the phone when I put the handset to her ear, by making some cute little noises. She definitely recognises her mother's voice. Feeding has been a bit challenging......I think I am wearing more food in my hair than Lucy actually ate today. I am sure I saw her smirking at me at lunch time when I had fruity chicken casserole snaking down my neck into my T-shirt. Despite the cough and the spitting, not one of her best traits, she did actually eat well today, which gave me a sort of "job done" satisfied feeling. I put her in bed quite late at about 20:30 and then settled down to play Star Wars with Joshua. He has been brilliant today and I think he also enjoyed just having a quiet day at home. I did make him practice two test papers for a school entrance exam he has next week but apart from that he has pretty much pleased himself. So it was nice to spend some Dad time with him tonight flying star fighters in a galaxy far, far away. I probably let him stay up too late but he is fast asleep now in my bed, imitating a duvet hogging star fish with a nasty involuntary kicking reflex. Assuming that I make it through the night I am looking forward to another good day tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day, Hope today is just as relaxed
Lots of love
cousin Emma