Sunday, 25 November 2007

25Nov07 - Dad's Sunday

With the promise of a good Sunday feed we piled in to the car this morning and went to visit my parents. Lucy had to eat first so I took the splattering while Granny finished off the Sunday lunch. Feeding Lucy at the moment is like it was a couple of years ago, there always seems to be more food coming out her mouth than you put in.I eventually managed to shovel it all in and as soon as I finished she stopped the arching and coughing and settled down on an improvised bed in front of the TV. She watched it for a while before closing her eyes for a Sunday afternoon nap.She has been a bit constipated for the last 24-36 hours and I am sure she has been in some discomfort. It always makes her a bit grumpy. Sometimes we have to help her out which is not the most pleasant job in the world but up until this afternoon we were still expecting. After lunch I took Joshua to the cinema to see Stardust while Granny looked after Lucy and when we got back we received the happy news that Lucy had managed to part with her discomfort or at least some of it. This should make her slightly better company particularly at feeding time. I still had not had any time to do Lucy's therapy exercises so decided to get home and do them after bath and supper time. She actually behaved quite well and I managed to get through the whole set while Joshua played Buzz on his playstation.She must have been tired because 15 minutes into the exercises she fell asleep and stayed asleep for at least half the time.By the time I finished it was nearly 9 o'clock. Now Joshua and Lucy are both in bed I can start on the ironing and maybe even empty the dishwasher. This single parent life is no picnic.


fairenuff said...

Neil, a woman's work is never done! LOL
Imagine my surprise when I logged on to find 2 new updates, how exciting! I am glad the exercises seem to be doing well and it's always good to have one on one time with each child.
Give Josh and Lucy and hug and a kiss from me.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Lucy is back to her old self again and that you are coping so well as a single parent Neil! :) Hope Dawn is having a relaxing time .
Rachel and I send our love
Auntie Maryxx

Nicky said...

Hi, I too have done that escape thing and it was well worth it. I had a relaxing break, the children enjoyed their Dad's time and Mark coped very well as you Dad's do when given the chance. I think you are a great Dad, Neil!