Sunday, 4 November 2007

04Nov07 - Play Day Pics

I was sent the pictures from Lucy's school play day and her first school trip on the 23rd and 24th of October. The first day was an activity play day at the school. Lucy spent time in the sensory room, did rebound therapy and hydrotherapy.Lucy looking adoringly into the eyes of the Rebound Therapist, what a flirt!The next day was Lucy's first school trip to Harewood house near Leeds where they did a scarecrow hunt and went in the planeterium. Of course the matching pink scarecrow was planned.Lucy's best friend Laila was also on the trip and they always get pushed around as if they were twins which is lovely. They are so sweet now but I dread to think what they will be like when they are teenagers!Thanks to Fairfield School for arranging two wonderful days and a special thank you to Sammi their brilliant Family Liason Officer who climbed an IT Everest to send us these photos.


Ben said...

Your Lucy is looking very beautiful. I enjoy reading your blog.. I got a lot out of the video from CAFamily that you recently posted as well.

Many thanks

Margo said...

Our little Louby really looks to have enjoyed herself!! I wouldn't have minded going on the school trip myself!! LOL Love to you all XXX

Anonymous said...

Such a busy little girl Lucy has been, what with bonfire nights and school trips ! blessed you are to have found such a wonderful school with such caring helpers

Ann C..Durban

Anonymous said...

Looks like Lucy is having a really good time, the school activities all look fantastic as did the bonfire night, as aunty Ann said, such a busy girl!!
Lots of love
cousin emma xXx

Neil said...

Nice to hear from you Ben, hope all is going well.