Wednesday, 24 October 2007

24Oct07 - First School Trip

We dropped Lucy off this morning to go on her very first school trip to Harewood House near Leeds. There were about nine children who were accompanied by numerous support staff and teachers. Josh was playing big brother this morning but really was just eager to get on with his day which involved breakfast at MacDonalds, ten-pin bowling and going to the cinema. We are hoping to be sent some pictures of the school trip by the school and so hopefully I can post them in retrospect. From what we were told Lucy had a very good time, especially in the planeterium where they said she was really looking around and taking it all in. After our full day with Joshua we picked Lucy up about 3 p:m and found her in the sensory room at the school surrounded by helpers. She was worn out and had a good sleep when she got home. Today was the end of my short break from work so the daily grind starts again tomorrow. It has been good to have 3 days alone with Joshua and I am glad we have made the most of the time. I know that Joshua has been glad of the break and hopefully it has reminded him that he is special too.

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Margo said...

Who won at ten-pin bowling then? Was it Josh after all his practice on Wii?? Glad you had a good day Lucy.....did you bring me back a stick of rock??
Love you all loads