Wednesday, 10 October 2007

10Oct07 - Play Day

Lucy started the day at school with messy art. I just love it when she comes home with paint on her hands. Its just one of those things that you don't do at home because it is such a hassle getting all the stuff out and then cleaning up afterwards. At least now we don't have to feel guilty about that because we know she is getting to do it at school. Thanks again to Fairfield School (
Dawn had a get together with her friends Hayley and Pauline who she met through the Child Development Centre, so Lucy and Laila were dropped off together at Hayley's house by the school bus.
Two big girls in their matching buggies. We had a bit of progress with the Leckey Squiggle ( chair today. We only have one set of covers for the chair and since Lucy has started at school it is getting more use than before for messy activities which is really good. The nursery have also been keeping her in it after she has been dropped off for the two afternoons a week for their activities. The fact that it is getting dirty means that Lucy is obviously having a lot more fun which is brilliant. The downside is that the nice pink covers are getting covered in all sorts of paint, messy stuff and food and it is quite a mission to get them washed before Lucy needs to use it again. Today we heard that we are going to get another spare set of covers which will mean that we should be able to keep it looking respectable. At the moment our choice is pink, orange, blue or green and we have to make up our mind tomorrow. Laila is getting blue and we may go for green.
Judging from the photos it looks like the kids had a great time. I spoke to Dawn on the phone while she was there and could hear the mayhem in the background.
I think Laila might be getting a crush on somebody!!!!!!! Lucy is just playing aloof.
Lucy was exhausted by bedtime tonight after all that excitement and it did not take her long before she fell asleep. Now its golden time until the chaos resumes tomorrow.

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The Van Huyssteens said...

Nice photos - looks like she has a good time at school.