Thursday, 18 October 2007

18Oct07 - Fairfield Fun

Yesterday Lucy started the day with blue sandy toes. She wasn't sure wether she liked it or not but had a go all the same.
I am glad we don't have a tray of blue sand at home. The mess the kids must make at school every day must be incredible. I really admire the staff at Fairfield School who always take it all in their stride. In fact they actively encourage the kids to get messy.
Today was Lucy's last day of this half term and the school arranged a party for the kids with biscuits to decorate, loud music and snacks. Lucy as you can see got her face painted and it was still there when I picked her up from nursery at 6:00pm.
Joshua and Lucy had a quick play before I threw them both into the bath. Only when I got Lucy in the bath did I realise that she had nail varnish on as well. She has really been spoiled at school today. I was as well because Lucy's Teacher was very polite about Lucy's hair which I had to do because Dawn was not well. I managed to make a ponytail....well some kind of tail and it stayed there too. It was still there when we got to school. I must admit it wasn't as bad as my previous attempts but would still not win any competitions.
You can't really see from these photos but the ponytail had dissappeared by the time she got home.
I would like to say a big thank you to Fairfield School ( for everything they have done in Lucy's first half term. It has been an inspiration to me seeing just how much fun Lucy and her new friends have been having and how everyday is filled with such interesting activities. It has taken such a burden off our shoulders knowing that Lucy gets so much stimulation every day. I know Lucy will miss school and will be looking forward to next half term.

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Anonymous said...

there really is nothing quite like the feel of sand between your toes...
lots of love
cousin emma