Sunday, 21 October 2007

20Oct07 - Tropical World

Dawn was feeling better so we made the effort to get out the house in the afternoon. Joshua chose to go to Tropical World, Leeds. Its a place we used to go to a lot when Joshua was small and he obviously still likes going. It is a little more difficult with Lucy as the base of her chair is quite wide and the paths in the tropical house are quite narrow but you can access everything. It is very hot and humid inside so we all had to strip down to our t-shirts. There were plenty sounds, smells and light changes to keep Lucy interested although it is difficult for her just sitting in her chair because a lot of whats around her is outside her line of vision.
Lucy was a bit of a jack-in-a-box wanting to be in and out of her chair all the time. It was nice to get her out so that she could see more. She especially liked the fish tanks and the bats.
Lucy needed a nappy change before we left so Dawn got the job of taking her into the ladies where there was just a fold down shelf in full view of everyone coming in and out of the toilets. It is extremely rare for there to be any baby change facilities for fathers which I think is unfair and does not say much for sexual equality in this country. The message it sends out is that changing nappies is mothers work!! Lucy is already getting quite big and heavy and before much longer Dawn is going to start finding it difficult to manage changes on her own especially when she is not in a familiar place. I wonder what is it going to be like when Lucy is 10, 20, 30...........? How will we manage to change her? Where will we take her to change her when we are out and about? One things for sure, we will be able to answer those questions soon enough.

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Auntie Margo said...

Glad you all had a good time. We will have to revisit tropical world ourselves sometime!! The girls love it there. Love to you all xxxx