Saturday, 13 October 2007

13Oct07 - Just Lucy

Today was Lucy's day to have Dawn and I to herself. We all got up late and I played with Lucy while Dawn did jobs. Lucy has been a little off colour and felt quite warm this morning so I wasn't surprised when she fell asleep while I read to her.Lucy then slept on my knee for about an hour while I watched some boy TV for a change. It has been a damp, grey, dismal day but we still decided to make the most of our afternoon and take Lucy for a long walk. We walked further than intended and found a new bridleway to walk along.The going was good for the first couple of hundred metres but after that, the Ottobock Kimba Frame which Lucy's Leckey Squiggle chair sits on began to struggle. The front wheels don't lock so it becomes extremely difficult to push on rocky or uneven ground. It is also very rigid and Lucy was thrown about all over the place although I do think she enjoyed the "offroad" experience.
It was a relief to finally find the road again. We still had a fairly long walk back home and decided to stop at our local pub for a quick drink before getting back to feed Lucy. I certainly felt like I had earned a beer or maybe I am just unfit. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and now both Dawn and Lucy have flaked out and are having a late afternoon nap. Dawn and I are going to a charity night tonight arranged by some local guys to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation which should be a really good night.

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