Monday, 22 October 2007

22Oct07 - Forbidden Corner

Today is about Joshua time. Joshua is on holiday this week for half term and I have taken a few days holiday to spend at home. Lucy was at nursery all day so it was just the three of us. We went to "The Forbidden Corner" which is near Middleham in North Yorkshire. It is a kind of mystery garden and you have to find all sorts of different clues by finding you way through mazes, secret paths and underground passages. We have all been before and all love it. I asked Josh to write about what he liked about today and this is what he wrote,

"The best thing about today was spending time with my Mum and Dad, and when I was scared in the underground bit my Mum and Dad gave me a big cuddle. On the wet parts where you can get squirted with water from different objects, I always made them go first so that I never got wet.
Even though I like Lucy being around I really like it when its just my Mum and Dad because we can do what ever we want like go down steps and stuff and don't have to worry about feeding her"

Joshua has always been the most caring brother Lucy could wish for but I am glad that he is as honest as he is. It just shows that we must make more of an effort to make special time just for him. Walking around with Joshua today was like taking a step back in time. Everthing just seemed so easy and we were able to just relax and enjoy ourselves, with no prying eyes, inquisitive looks or strict timetables. It is sad that we have to feel this way but it is certainly one place that we will never be able to take Lucy because of the access difficulties. The cruel irony is that the steep winding steps, tunnels, stepping stones and narrow paths that children love about the place, are the very things that exclude children like Lucy.


Auntie Margo said...

Did your Mum and Dad get really wet then Josh? I got a bit scared in the underground bits when I went there too!! LOL Love to you all XXX

Anonymous said...

Great you're having some quality time with your very special son.
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Granny & Grandad xxxx

Anonymous said...

just came across this while i was looking in to forbidden corner, and i thought it was really nice and josh sounds like a little legend.

you guys sounds like a great family , we need more of this in uk!!!

take care

daniel x

Rach1512 said...

I've just read your page and story about Lucy May and it really touched me, reading how you are proud of her, it's lovely.

The Forbidden Corner is brilliant, did you get wet by the boy having a wee? LOL and see the tree dog..and the other weird and wonderful things that are there. It's an amazing place.

You seem like a lovely family, all the best for the future.

Rachel in Leeds. :) x