Tuesday, 2 October 2007

02Oct07 - Another Good Day

I had a good day working from home. It doesn't happen too often but gives me a bit extra time to do family stuff like the school run, lunch with Dawn and watching sport after school. I took time out to watch Dawn's riding lesson and enjoyed being out and about. It is great that through everthing Dawn has managed to keep up with her riding. Up until recently it has been just about her only release. Now that Lucy is at school in the mornings she has much more spare time to ride. It always used to be a balancing act between getting baby sitters and trying to get home form work on time. After watching her it is clear that she has become quite an accomplished rider and it is no wonder that she is being asked by several people to ride their horses for them. Later Dawn went to meet another Dawn which has become a regular thing after the other Dawn approached Dawn (this is going to get complicated) in the supermarket to ask her about Lucy's Leckey Suiggle chair as her daughter was about to get one. It is amazing how friendships can start. They share their experiences and just chat about life in general. I guess it is nice just to talk to someone in a similar position to yourself.

Joshua was in a netball competition after school so we took Lucy to watch her big brother. I think she was impressed but soon got bored, cold and then need to be cuddled.

Joshua loves getting involved with anything he can and it is a shame that we have not managed work it out so that he can play regular sport outside school. Life at the moment seem just too complicated but even as I type it I know it sounds like an excuse.
It was hair wash day for Lucy again tonight and this time I managed to get some photos. She was a little diamond and never complained a bit. In fact she was smiling while I dried her hair. I can still feel a twinge in my shoulders but I suppose it is good excercise.

Are you going on holiday or just a night out?
Ooooh lovely your hair is gorgeous
All finished and ready for the catwalk


Dawn and Ashleigh said...

Hiya Neil im Dawn the one that complicates your blogs just wondered how much you charge for hairdrying services seeing that Lucy looks to be enjoying having her hair done and not screaming the house down as if been murdered like what happens in our house when Ashleigh has her hair done wil have to get tips from Dawn when i meet her again

Mel said...

What a beautiful little girl! My son also had HIE at birth and is about the same age.

I love the pics of Lucy.

Neil said...

Thanks Mel and Dawn. It was nice to catch Lucy in a good mood. Hairbrushing in the morning is a completely different story. I can't put pics of that on the blog because we might get arrested but I guess you can imagine what its like. I am sure Ashleigh and Lucy together could burst a few ear drums.