Friday, 2 November 2007

02Nov07 - Quiz for Lucy

"Quiz for Lucy" was organised by the lovely people of St. Saviours Church, Birstall, West Yorkshire. They wanted to raise money for Lucy's treatment at the Scotson Advance Clinic ( The quiz took place in the church hall which was packed full of people who had come to support Lucy. It started at 6:00pm so we took Lucy with us and I think she enjoyed it. She always manages to get lots of attention which of course she loves. It was really enjoyable evening and it made us all feel quite special that so many people came.It is quite humbling when people selflessly offer their support for Lucy and it is difficult to know what to say when things like this just happen out of the blue. However I can say that I feel very privileged to be part of the St. Saviours family. It always surprises me how easy it is for Lucy to touch people and how so many people both friends and strangers have been moved to want to do something for her. Since Lucy has been part of our lives I have experienced many human traits like prejudice, ignorance and intolerance but what I didn't really expect was so much love, care and selflessness. It is the latter that really stand out and provide us much needed support and inspiration. Thank you so much to everyone at St. Saviours, not only for raising money for Lucy but also for putting your friendly arm around our family.

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