Friday, 9 November 2007

09Nov07 - Fun Friday

The school bus dropped Lucy off at her friend Laila's house today because Dawn had spent the morning drinking coffee and chatting with her mum Hayley. After a quick feed Lucy and Dawn rushed around town before picking Joshua up from school in time to be home for a visit from Sam, Bethany and Eloise of "Fairenuff" ( fame, who came round for tea. While the kids played happily, Joshua revelling in the attention from Bethany and Eloise, I warmed up some pizzas. It was lovely to see Bethany and Eloise playing so naturally with Lucy.They worked up a decent appetite and made short work of the pizzas. For once Joshua was shamed into eating the crusts of his pizza because Bethany and Eloise were eating theirs. Peer pressure from a 4 year old and a 2 year old.......brilliant!Lucy was content and relaxed the whole time the girls were her. She just loves the noise and commotion of other children playing around her.


fairenuff said...

Thank you for such a great evening. The girls had a great time and you managed to tire them out - for once they went straight to sleep!

Isn't it wonderful how children, in their innocence, accept each other without question? (And such a shame that adults teach them how to be prejudiced).

Dawn said...

We had a brilliant time - thank you for coming. The girls are gorgeous and I know Josh is in his element when they are around! Must do it again soon.

Emily said...

hiya Uncle Neil Aunty Dawn and my fab cuz's Josh and Lucy. I just want to say that this blog is really good and Lucy is one of the sweetest little girls i have ever known! I hope you are all o.k and i cant wait to see you all again lots & lots of love cuz & niece emily xxxxxxx