Saturday, 3 November 2007

03Nov07 - Fireworks

I took Lucy and Joshua to see their Granny and Grandad today. They always enjoy themselves and get plenty of attention. It was lovely when we arrived because when Lucy was on top form and was full of smiles when she saw her Granny. She obviously recognised where she was. As usual we were well fed and had a nice relaxing day. Lucy and Joshua were taken on a long walk while I went shopping and then Joshua got to play Simpsons monopoly with Granny. She is a real saint! Lucy was happy all day making lots of little noises and giving us lots of smiles. We decided to stay for a bonfire night at the local church and it was great to see Lucy reacting to all the flashes and bangs.She sat watching the fireworks for a long time before starting to get restless. Joshua covered her ears when the bangs got too loud although I am sure she didn't mind them.Afterwards we stood around the bonfire eating hotdogs and parkin. It got quite late for Lucy and she decided it was time to go. You can tell when she has had enough because she starts squirming and complaining as if to say, "I'm tired/bored and I want to go home". I think all kids are the same.It was a really nice to get her out somewhere she could enjoy it as much as we did.

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