Sunday, 2 September 2007

01Sep07 - Travelling Home

Today was the worst day of the holiday, the trip home. We had to be out our villa by 10:00 but our flight didn't leave until 18:55. My sisters family were on an early flight so we pretty much had the day to ourselves. We gpt up fairly early to sort out final packing and cleaning. Lucy was very unhappy and screamed for a good 15 minutes. She seems to be in pain when handled. Joushua finally calmed her down and she went to sleep. Joshua and I then had a final swim in the pool before packing the car up to go. We only just squeezed everything in our Ford Focus, not helped by one bulky sky chair. We drove to Port De Soller which is a lovely small port surrounded by mountains, in fact you go through a 3km tunnel to get there. We killed some time looking at shops and strolling around the marina. We had lunch in a restaurant right on the edge of the marina which was stunning. It was Dawn's turn to feed Lucy which was a long drawn out affair as Lucy was pretty drowsy and so I don't think Dawn appreciated the location quite as much as I did. Lucy did her annoying trick of filling her nappy half way through having her lunch which didn't help either. We made our way to the airport, left the hire car and headed for check in. We were early so decided to feed Lucy (My turn). However as soon as we got her out her pram she started crying and was inconsolable. We all had turns at trying to settle her down but she just screamed and screamed. In the end we gave her some Calpol and it seemed to do the trick. We sailed through check in and security even with all Lucy's medicine, food and the sky chair. It was then a long wait as we were delayed 1hr 30mins. Lucy was fine and we had time to feed her twice so that we didn't have to do it on the plane. We got special assisstance on to the plane as we had to fit the sky chair before everyone else got on the plane. Luckily one of the stewards knew how to fit it although I probably could have managed. Lucy although seeming very tired only slept for half the flight but was settled. At Birmingham I had to carry Lucy all the way to baggage claim because they said they could not find Lucy's pram amongst all the others which was rubbish as there weren't many small children on the flight. However, we managed but we won't be able to to that for long. We finally got home about 01:30 and went straight to bed although Lucy did cry again when we dressed her for bed. We think she may have hurt her neck or back possibly in the pool or maybe mishandling.
I was a fantastic holiday made by having good company to share it with, especially for the children. Joshua and Lucy will have fantastic memories and we all look forward to the next one.

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