Sunday, 23 September 2007

23Sep07 - Lazy Weekend

Saturday was a bit of a wash out and we just lazed around most of the day. Fortunately Granny was here to get Lucy up which meant we could have a nice lie in. Lucy was tense and uncomfortable for a lot of the day and was the same today. She has not slept at all during the day which is a little unusual. We took the kids to church this morning to see an old friend which was nice. Lucy squirmed and arched through most of the service and Joshua as usual joined in with whatever he could. He was more hesitant than normal but I think he is getting to the age where he is becoming more self conscious. After the service we went to my parents for lunch. It is a real treat because we don't often get to eat such good food. Granny also helped with feeding Lucy which is always a bonus. We had a nice relaxing afternoon, Dawn dozing in the chair, Josh doing his homework and the rest of us watching rugby. We got back in time to do feeding time and bath time. I washed Lucy's hair which is such a mission these days. She is just so awkward to hold with one arm whilst trying to wash/rinse with the other arm. At the end of it you feel like your back is going to split in two. Drying it is just as bad but when its finished it looks fab and it feels like it was worthwhile....."cause she's worth it".
I can't imagine what its going to be like when she is bigger, maybe she will have to go for the Sinead O'Conner look...only joking.


Auntie Margo said...

Stop showing off!! Just cos your daughter has got heaps more hair than mine!!! LOL
She is most definately worth it. (Made me smile when I got the picture in my head of you or Dawn swaying Louby around to make her hair fly about copying the advert).
Loadsa love to you all

fairenuff said...

How about dreadlocks!?
Hee hee!

Gran & Grandad said...

If you don't want all that hair can I have some ? Love Grand Dad Haigh