Thursday, 13 September 2007

13Sep07 - Another Busy Day

I got to take Lucy to school again today which was great. We arrived much too early because Joshua had to be at school early to go on a school trip to York. Lucy sat with me in the front of the car while we waited in the school car park. We sang and car danced to the radio for at least half an hour and she was really getting into it until she flopped forward and headbutted the steering wheel. Naughty Dad should have seen that coming. We had floods of tears for the next ten minutes but I don't think she was really hurt that much. Over the last couple of months she has really perfected the sympathy cry which soon develops into the angry, give me more attention cry if you don't offer enough sympathy. Dawn and me find it quite amusing because she has got such a "stamp your feet" temper when she gets going, I guess just like any other 3 year old girl. We finally made friends again just as Hayley arrived with Lucy's best friend Laila. We paraded them into school (it feels like that because of all the attention they both get) and they were the first to arrive in the classroom. They were straight out of their buggies and on to the resonance board. They lie on it to hear and feel amplified sounds made on the board by rattles, bells etc. and they both love it. We left them their safe in the knowledge that they would not have a dull moment for the next 3 or so hours. Lucy had a full day today as she was taken by the school bus from school to nursery for the afternoon for more fun and play. Today was the first day that we did not have to take a car seat for Lucy as the transport services have now got the right straps for her buggy and she can be wheeled onto the bus. Apparently she was awake and in a good mood most of the day so hopefully she will have a good nights sleep. When I took her up to bed, I picked her up and Dawn and Joshua both said goodnight and she gave as all some lovely smiles. A nice way to end the day.


fairenuff said...

Ahhh, you gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling (apart from the headbutting!). You are going to have to show me the car dancing!

Auntie Margo said...

Don't worry Louby, Auntie Margo will bash your Daddy for letting you hurt can help me if you want!