Saturday, 29 September 2007

28Sep07 - Fun & Fund Raising

This afternoon Lucy and Josh went to play with Bethany and Eloise. Dawn collected our tickets for their fund raising event on Staurday night. They are trying to raise money for a soft play area for BethanyI managed to get away from my meeting in London early and got back in time to meet Dawn, Lucy and Joshua at the Airedale Heifer pub where Tim has been doing all the fund raising for us. I took photos of the guys handing over a big cheque to Dawn and hopefully it will be in the paper next week. Over the last year Tim and the Airedale Heifer have raised £2000 for Lucy which has paid for 2 full weeks at the Scotson Advance Clinic. I can only reiterate what I said in my last blog, it is overwhelming to find such amazing, unexpected support. We get so used to hearing how bad the world is in the media. Every negative trait of mankind can be seen in the papers everyday and you become accustomed to it. However, it is people like Tim and all the people involved at the Airedale Heifer who show us the very best of human nature and restore our faith in society through their selflessness, genuine kindness and generosity. Lucy is so lucky to have such good friends.


Gran & Grandad said...

A Big thank you to Tim and all at the " Airedale Heifer " for their fund raising for our Lucy May.
Best regards.
Margaret & John Haigh.

Shaoli said...

I am a parent of a 3 yr old special child called Meir(from miracle);he is also our first born and I understand what you and Dawn are going through.But I give kudos to you for being able to write about your feelings and it kind of is the same things that any parents in our situation goes through.We have been away from home for 3 yrs (we are currently in USA) and very soon we are going to be neighbours (we are moving to Slough,Buckinghamshire).
When we think about that one moment which changed our lives -we also feel guilty about thinking about what life would be like if things would be different.I feel sad sometimes thinking there are so many things that my son cannot do or may not experience but on the other hand I am grateful that he is with us and maybe I should look for blessings in the small little things that my son can do.i shall keep you in our prayers and will keep following Lucy's progress.

Neil said...

Its nice to hear from you Shaoli. You are so right we must look to the small things because they are really not so small. It is a kind of blessing to be parents like us but its hard to feel like that all the time. I am starting to feel less guilty the more I hear from people like you. We are only human and nothing could prepare us for the big change. I hope your move to England is a good one and hopefully I will hear from you again sometime. I love the name Meir by the way.

Thanks for the message.