Sunday, 2 September 2007

02Sep07 - Lazy Sunday

Lucy was still struggling today with pain in her neck or back. We had to be very careful handling her because once she gets upset she will cry for ages and nothing we do seems to calm her down. After a late start we set about unpacking, washing and other dreary jobs that always need doing after a holiday. Lucy was happy to be left alone and not handled. On holiday we actually fed her in her pram just about all the time because it was so hot and sticky. This could be a bit of a break through if we keep it up because up to present we have had to hold her to feed her. Really she is too heavy for that now and apart from giving us big biceps it can't be good for our backs. We have a Leckey Squiggle chair for Lucy which we switch between a sitting base for in the house and a buggy base for pushing her around. The problem is the buggy stays in the car and the sitting frame stays in the house which means having to always unclip the frame from which ever base and carry it bacwards and forwards to the car/house. The chair is not over heavy but with all the other stuff we carry it has been too easy just to feed Lucy on our knees and not bother with the seat. I wish we had two although we should now make the efffort to bring the chair inside.


The Van Huyssteens said...

Hope Lucy's back/neck gets better soon. Do you get a child's version of ibruprofen - for muscular type of pain ?

Margo said...

Don't know if I have asked this before...but, can extra seat sections for the sqiggle chair be bought seperately? Would the NHS provide another if they knew how much it would help you and Louby out? By the way, I find the kids nurofen and calprufen really good.