Monday, 10 September 2007

10Sep09 - School Routine

Lucy is settling in nicely to her daily trips to school. She seems to have got into the habit of falling asleep on the bus home. Today she was dropped off at her nursery for the afternoon and because she was asleep the nursery staff decide they didn't want to wake her. As a result they didn't give her dinner until the middle of the afternoon and so missed her tea. Dawn has stressed numerous times how important feeding is but they still don't seem to get the message. From day one we knew that oral feeding for a child with Lucy's complications was unusual. More than once we have been threatened with a gastric tube and every time we have resisted and persevered with oral feeding. We regard Lucy's feeding which is now very good as a major success and hope to make it a permanent thing. It would be so easy to relax on the feeding which is probably the most time consuming thing we have to do but we know the consequences and can't let that happen. Needless to say she devoured her supper and is now sleeping soundly.

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