Tuesday, 18 September 2007

18Sep07 - Hospital Day 3

Lucy had another good nights sleep. Dawn on the other hand kept on getting woken up by Lucys IV machine. The line kept blocking which makes the machine beep and it carries on beeping until a nurse comes to sort it out. It always takes ages for them to come so Dawn has been very tired all day. Lucy carried on feeding very well today so the IV was stopped this morning and when the ward round came I overplayed how well she was eating and that she was almost back to normal. This earned us enough credits to get our exit visa. So she is out..Yay!
We finally took her home at about 14:30 although she still has a cannula in her foot (just in case) and we have to go back tomorrow morning at 11:00 to get the final blood test results. We are pretty confident that the tests will be clear and they will take the cannula out then.
It is a big relief to be home. we even got the chance to go and look at a secondary school with Josh this evening. He sits the entrance exam in December. Hopefully now life can get back to normal.

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Diane said...

Welcome home Lucy. You are in safe and loving hands.