Wednesday, 5 September 2007

05Sep07 - Blog from Germany

I am away today working in Germany. I know where I would rather be. After speaking to Dawn I know Lucy had another good day at school. The bus did bring her home today but not until 13:15 which is quite a lot later than we were lead to believe. It looks like she is the last child to be dropped off. Today she slept all the way home. Dawn was meeting a friend she met recently through Lucy, so had quite a rush to get Lucy fed before she could go out. Tomorrow is the day Dawn works so tomorrow morning will be a bit hectic for her without me there to help. Joshua is never too upset when I work away because he gets to sleep in our bed which he loves doing. I get back on Friday which is our wedding anniversary (16 years!!!). My flight is due to land in Manchester at lunchtime. I only just managed to avoid having to be in Germany all Friday after using emotional blackmail on my boss. My parents are babysitting overnight and we have booked a very nice hotel that Dawn has always wanted to go to. It is a very long time since we have had any quality time just to ourselves and I can't wait. KLM better have no hold ups on Friday!!!!!

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