Friday, 28 September 2007

27Sep07 - Guardian Angel

Home again after 3 days in the Netherlands. It was great to get home and see the scamps again. Lucy was sleeping peacefully by the time I got home but Josh had persuaded Dawn that he could stay up to see me which was nice. I’m not sure if that was his real intention, more likely he was hoping that I had brought him something. I don’t mind that though because I would have been just the same. Dawn has not stopped all week with something on just about every morning, afternoon and evening. Tomorrow is no different for her with a coffee morning at Lucy’s school, an appointment with wheelchair services and this evening she is meeting up with Lucy’s godmother’s partner who has been fund raising for Lucy. Tim has really been touched by Lucy and took it upon himself to do something positive for her. Last year he arranged a charity football match on Boxing Day which paid for a week at the Scotson Clinic. Dawn is going to meet him tonight to be presented with another cheque from the latest fund raising and have a photo taken for the newspaper. The money will really help us with Lucy’s treatment but what helps more is just having people like Tim around us. It is like having a guardian angel. The selfless care and support is so humbling and makes us feel blessed to be involved in Lucy’s life. She has a way of effortlessly getting straight to peoples hearts and what she finds when she gets there is all the very best human qualities. Thank you Tim for everything.

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Auntie Margo said...

In a world full of bad things it is people like Tim and all the other people who help Lucy, who make you realise there are plenty of really truely genuine, kind and totally amazing people out there.